"Margaret what can I say, it was a genuine pleasure having you hold the reigns on our fabulous Cotswold project with a fantastic result to boot, a project finished on time with happy Clients, Builders, Design team and Architects, I can’t wait for the next one with you!"

Christian Fleming of Fleming Architects
received 2024 - Cotswold Country Estate

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"We worked with Margaret on a large Cotswold Country Estate from 2020. having worked on a lot of projects over the years I haven’t seen a project led by a Client PM / QS this way before, the project was a success and we would be happy to work with Margaret again."

Jonathan Davies of JND Building Services Ltd
received 2024 - Cotswold Country Estate

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"I had the pleasure of working alongside Margaret on two sizable country house projects amid the challenges of a global pandemic.

Margaret's leadership forged a collaborative environment, uniting architects, contractors, and the design team. Guided by her, the team's unity transformed challenges into a collective effort, creating a palpable sense of 'we're all in it together.'

Looking forward to future collaborations with Margaret – her talent for fostering teamwork and navigating challenges makes her an invaluable asset."

Rosa Roig of RO Projects
received 2024 - Cotswold Country Estate and Hampshire Country Estate

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