Trust your gut feeling always.

Having worked in the construction sector for over 20 years and being fortunate to have a number of experienced construction experts I can discuss matters with shapes the strategy for my projects, it is this information that informs my instincts to make project decisions. It may sometimes appear these decisions are made at the drop of a hat because of the sheer speed of the decision and action, but it all happens because I work with superstars.


Understanding and managing workload limits.

In 2020 and 2021 I was working on two large country estates, both houses were due for completion at the same time. This was due to considerable progress on one project therefore not a planned outcome. In hindsight I should have brought on more support to help me manage the delivery. Both houses completed but it was a tremendous feat for all involved in both projects.


Purchasing a basement flat with big ideas.

I have been through 3 refurbishments of my flat in London within 10 years. The first intentional and incredibly expensive, the second renovation was due to an error in the plastering of the first renovation. The third renovation and hopefully last for at least 20 years, was due to a freak flood, unfortunately said flood happened 2 months after renovation 2. Personally I think renovation 3 is the best, words spoken by every serial renovator.


It’s difficult to row as a hobby when you have won.

Having taken up rowing to drag myself away from work at 6pm several years ago, I then started rowing 7 days a week for the remaining waking hours. Within 6 months of learning to row, we won a senior 8 race with 4 novice, me being one, and 4 seniors. Getting back in a boat years later for just a paddle was impossible, I missed the excruciating lactic acid build up and the open callouses dotted down the length of every finger to the tops of my palms.